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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for conducting oversight function over both university activities and governance structures within in.

Functions of the Board of Trustees

  1. Offer oversight of all university activities and governance structures;
  2. Advise council and management on affairs of the university from time to time;
  3. Appoint Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the University Council;
  4. Appoint Chancellor of the University;
  5. Promote the image of the university;
  6. Perform any other duty/role it may deem fit for the university.


Chairman Board of Trustees (SAIU)
Professional Experience A 30-year veteran entrepreneur, Ceasar became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kampala Battery Industry upon its acquisition by Societe Rwandaise Battery (SRB) of Rwanda in 1997. These companies manufacture Dry Cells. He later formed Former Uganda Ltd in 1998 of which he was CEO. The company was dealing in Garments/ Shoes importation from Germany and Italy to Uganda. In 2004 he left the Garments/Shoe business and established Gemtel Ltd in South Sudan and later i-Tel Ltd in Uganda. Ceasor serves as a Chairman/CEO of both The Southern Eye Ltd & Yampe Ltd Newspapers. He’s also Chairman of Montes- sori Education Center and Chairman Board of Trustees of St. Augustine International University.


Member BOT (SAIU)
Professional Experience Mrs. Agnes Selina Mbabazi a talented young teacher at MaryHill High School, Mbarara District initiated a strong record of developing and implementing innovative ways of imparting knowledge to the students. Professionally having well- honed presentation and negotiation skills within a multi-national environment, she joined Namuhuga Primary School, Kasese District as Headmistress from 1985-1989. With proven ability to manage education institutions, close attention to budgets, time frames, quality, and educational standards, she retired from Public service to start Industrial Minerals Ltd, in Kasese District from 1997 till to date. As a CEO she is responsible for product development/ production processes from concept through a finished product of Industrial Minerals.
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