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St. Augustine International University is unique. The role  of university education is to prepare people for what they need now: practical   and  technical   skills   for   today and  the  foreseeable  future.  But  what  of the unforeseeable future? The role of a university is to nurture curious minds, teach young people how to think and give them the confidence to use their minds to enhance their lives and society as a whole and to become wealth multipliers.

We believe that St. Augustine University is positioned to nurture people with the confidence that comes from having exceptional, enquiring minds,  who are well qualified in disciplines that they will love and have a better chance than others of foreseeing the future. We are pleased that we continue to focus on the key areas that will transform Uganda.






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St Augustine International University (“SAIU”) is a private university headquartered in Kampala-Uganda, with a special niche within the medical and legal fields. SAIU is located at Plot 31, Bbunga Hill, Ggaba Road, Kampala Uganda, with state-of-the-art complexes and magnificent views. It has over seventeen spacious and clean lecture rooms. Each lecture room has a projector/smart board/smart TV for teaching purposes.
As a private university in East Africa, St. Augustine International University (SAIU) is committed to providing quality education grounded in a culture of developing hands-on skills for job creation and job markets. With a strong ambition and desire to address the various challenges that have afflicted the higher education sector in the region and the poor quality graduates that have flocked the East African job market, SAIU is guided by its dictum, "Moral Rearmament and Wealth Creation We use student-centered methods of instruction to promote students’ own knowledge search and discovery with the assistance and involvement of our highly qualified and experienced lecturers as guides and facilitators of the teaching and learning process. Our state of the art laboratory equipment, well-stocked library and communication facilities facilitate and promote quality education and research among students and enhance continuing academic development of staff as well. SAIU is a research-driven University and is developing a number of research centers to contribute to global research issues affecting the biomedical, Engineering, Agriculture, Law, Business and socio-economic development of communities. It is through research that we as SAIU seek to provide a fountain of knowledge for innovations and discoveries to change the livelihoods of communities in the region. SAIU has four fully-fledged colleges and eleven academic schools all offering a wide range of quality programs designed to address the needs of the job market across the world as well as the skills gaps among graduates in the region. All our programs are accredited by the National Council for Higher Education and we are committed to We take pride in the quality and we strive to impart the values of quality in our students. Our diverse team of highly qualified and experienced staff strives to ensure that our graduate is comparable to none other. As a Vice-Chancellor, I take pride in the certainty that the typical SAIU graduate is well equipped to stand out academically, practically and morally, to serve his/her community with unquestionable commitment and to create jobs and wealth. As you navigate this website, you will find the detailed description of all our programs, the information about our staff and students as well as the research publications of our staff that I am sure you will enjoy reading. While we have endeavored to make this website as detailed as possible, I also take the pleasure to invite you to our campus on Bunga Hill in Kampala where you will get a practical feel of our conducive learning environment. I look forward to interacting with you. "Moral Rearmament and Wealth creation" Prof. Nzarubara Gabriel (FCSEA, M.Med (Surg), MBChB)
“To be recognized as a moral rearmament, wealth multiplication, and innovation-driven University.”
“To pursue research, teaching and learning of international distinction, academically current innovative and responsive to local and global community needs.”
The mentorship program at SAIU ensures that every student throughout the duration of their program has a network of mentors to help them succeed academically and prepare them to become leaders and contributing members of society.
Teaching Our teaching is collaborative, personalized and innovative, to give you a rewarding learning experience. In 2015, we were recognized for our teaching quality with a five-star rating for teaching in the international QS Stars ratings. KCU’s commitment to excellence in teaching and research extends beyond course delivery. We forge significant, mutually-beneficial partnerships with industry and community organizations to share the benefits of our research outcomes and provide students the opportunity to learn in real workplaces. KCU’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses are regularly reviewed by industry, business and government to ensure graduates are prepared for today’s changing global market. The University also incorporates work integrated learning activities in course curricula and introduced technology-rich environments that recreate real workplaces, such as a simulated hospital ward, stock market trading room, and digital marketing agency. This enables students to graduate with skills and knowledge directly applicable to the workplace.
SAIU students and faculty will participate in research, consultancy, community engagement, and social entrepreneurship projects to gain hands on experience. The graduates will use the acquired knowledge and skills to create jobs for themselves and others.


SAIU is located at Plot 31, Bbunga Hill, Ggaba Road, Kampala Uganda, with state-of-the-art complexes and magnificent views. It has over seventeen spacious and clean lecture rooms. Each lecture room has a projector/smart board/smart TV for teaching purposes. SAIU has continued to maintain a state-of-the-art computer laboratory with over 150 computers in computer laboratories for student use and 30 computers in staff rooms for lecture preparation purposes. In addition to the computers in the laboratory, there is unlimited Wi-Fi 24-hrs, 7 days a week for student use.

Our Core Values







A transformational experience that will shape your unique profile and help you launch your professional career.

SAIU is for students who approach learning as a way of life. We provide a supportive community where students and faculty interact together in the learning process.

SAIU has a personalized, student-centric community with a rich diversity of individuals, ideas and approaches. Each year over 130 nationalities are represented on its campus, with over 75% of its students coming from outside of Uganda.


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SAIU prides itself on its faculty, resources, and students who regard learning as a way of life. Focused on a unique learning environment, richly diverse community, and academic rigor, it ensures all students are guided correctly towards their chosen path.


In an era of globalization and technological revolution, anew model of university is needed. Discover how SAIU is carving a distinctive space to train tomorrow's leaders with its unique blend of academic rigor, entrepreneurial innovation and bold commitment to the humanities and diversity.



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At IE SAIU our students are the heart of our idea-driven community. The rich, diverse, and globalized learning environment we offer enhances learning for each individual and our unique learning environment makes it possible for everyone to embark on their own personalized professional journey.



At SAIU we are dedicated to ensuring our students are the focus of our innovative vision and entrepreneurial spirit. We pride ourselves on a practice-based approach to help launch students from over 130 nationalities into professional life, made possible through our dedication to academic austerity.


SAIU is recognized around the world and by the most prestigious associations for its high-quality teaching.

With an innovative vision, entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on humanities and academic rigor, SAIU is committed to educating professionals who will make a difference to society. Our practice-based approach to learning starts in the classroom and continues all around the world, preparing our students to become international professionals.

If you want an inspiring and challenging education that will shape who you are and who you will become, SAIU  will broaden your horizons, connect you to the world and guide you on the unique path needed to achieve your goals.

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The next Semester starts on August 05, 2019

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July 26, 2019. When you apply, we’ll make a decision within 2-4 weeks. Once you’re accepted, you can start open courses right away!


We have a rolling admission process. However, space is limited.

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Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
The program's mission is to develop health professionals with leadership, management and communication skills; taking positions of influence through which they will contribute substantially to the health and well-being of the global community.
Diploma in Clinical Medicine
Diploma in clinical medicine and community health offers comprehensive knowledge, clinical skills and hands-on experience that prepare the graduates with the ability to access and handle common and emerging moral and medical conditions in the community and all aspects of health care.
Bachelor of Crypto and Blockchain Technology
Blockchain and cryptocurrency have the potential to revolutionise almost every industry in the modern economy – and higher education is no different.
Bachelor of Science in Oil, Gas and Energy Management
A new course designed to develop specialized knowledge and skills specifically for an accounting career in the oil and gas industry.
Bachelor of Computer Forensics and Criminal Investigation
The College of Computing and Engineering fosters innovation by preparing computer scientists and engineers to develop new technologies that will improve our lives and solve real-world problems. Our focus is instilling a culture of innovation
Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Students who complete the program will earn a Master of Computer Science degree - the exact same Master of Computer Science degree.
Bachelor of Business Administration
A program is designed to provide a strong background for professional and academic career development in the wider realm of business and management studies.
Bachelor of Law [LLB]
The course has wider applicability in developing the attributes and skills inherent in general university education. Students develop the values and intellectual abilities necessary to marshal facts and to critically assess and evaluate information, theories, and doctrines thus preparing themselves for a variety of career roles.

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